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When does the FBI get involved?--When a case falls under USC Title 18 guidelines, ( or when called in by the responding local agency

How old do you have to be to apply for special agent?--no younger than 23 and not yet 37

What other requirements are there to become a special agent?-- You must be a US citizen and have a 4 year degree from an accredited college or university.

How long is the academy and where is it?-- 16.5 weeks. The FBI academy is located in Quantico, Virginia

Does the FBI have local or regional CSI labs?--no, everything goes to the federal lab in Quantico unless a local agency is also involved. In that case, under certain circumstances they will use the local lab. However, all evidence for federal cases must go through Quantico

What is the standard firearm issue?-- 22 Glock .40 caliber (it holds 16 rounds).

FBI pecking order-- from the bottom to the top. (I haven't gone into all of the special assignments SA's can be assigned to, as in ERT Evidence Recovery technician, SWAT or others.)

Rookies come in as a NAT, New Agent Trainee. After graduation, you are an SA, Special Agent. You report to your squad leader, the SSA Supervisory Special Agent, who usually reports, in the program, to ASAC, or Assistant Special Agent in Charge, pronounced A-Sack. The ASAC reports to the SAC, Special Agent in Charge, pronounced S-A-See. The big banana is the Director.

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