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Meth--methanphetamine=stimulant, aka crystal, speed, ice. A crystal creature is one who's had a little too much for the night. Meth can be smoked, snorted or injected

Coke--cocaine=stimulant, can be snorted or injected. Rock cocaine aka rock, crack is smoked

Smack--heroine=opiate. Aka H, horse, her-on, junk, scag. White powder from China. Black tar from Mexico, aka tar heroine can be injected, only white heroine can be snorted

Pot--marijuana. Aka grass, weed, bomb, doja, bud, hooch. Rolled blunt w/paper or smoke from a pipe or bong

Hash--black hashish. Smoked

PCP--hallucinogenic=animal tranquilizer. Similar to LSD. Activates heart rate, movement is rigid, robotic, no pain is felt. Aka moon. FYI a perp on PCP will usually get severely damaged in a cop fight, because the person will feel no pain and it will take several officers to get the person cuffed, with lots of bumps and bruises along the way

Ecstasy--E, oral pill form

Speed ball-- IV dose of cocaine mixed with heroine or amphetamine

Spike or Rig--hypodermic needle

Deck--packaged drugs

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Blood Law

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Enemy Lover

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A Knight to Remember
A Knight to Remember

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