Baby is coming!  I’ll report back with pictures as soon as I can!  Wish us luck and say massive prayers that all goes well.

And thank you to everyone who has put up with my nervous pacing these last weeks.



Monday Hit and Run Challenge!

As many of you know, I am woefully behind on my writing. What with a kid moving back home, with her bird, her dog, and her fiancé, life has been a bit topsy-turvy over here. But in a very good way. I love having the kids here. So, ignore me if I grouse. Now, I am...

Some AI surprises tonight?

I was surprised by how early some Idols were given the boot. Alaina and Jason were no surprise, but Robbie and Alexandrea? They were both going to go eventually, but I think Luke and Kady or Kristi, and always on the top of my list, regardless of his performance,...

The AI beat goes on

And Karin is tired. Life interrupted me up until just about ten minutes ago. I wrote zero today. A very bad thing. Tomorrow I'm going under for a writing marathon. Watching Idol tonight was almost an exercise in futility. My kids were constantly interrupting me. Then...

The AI guys are running hot and cold

But, I thought those who had weak performances last week stepped it up. I found myself at odds with the judges most of the evening. Especially the Dawg. My oldest son and his friend Nick were by this evening to eat me out of house and home, and to get a lesson in tie...

The First Cut is the Deepest!

Well, not really. Only annoying gristle was trimmed tonight. No meat. So, for me there were no surprises. There is more gristle to go next week too. For the ladies tonight, Amy and Joanne bit the big one. I actually thought Amanda was going to get the boot, and Joanne...

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